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The AIS system is dedicated to supplying information directly to the real estate and title industry. There are multiple ways to gain access to our online products and services. With our Online Municipal Access, you can search multiple New York databases from a single system.



A real-time tax product identifying all unpaid taxes and charges for a specific property in New York City.


New York
City Database

Environmental Control Board (ECB)
Parking Violation Bureau (PVB)
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
Federal Tax Liens (FTL)
Transit Adjudication Bureau (TAB)

New York State Databases

• Bankruptcy Searches
Patriot Searched
Tax Maps



A comprehensive database providing instant access to basic property information in all New York State counties.

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eTax Search

(All 5 New York City Boroughs)

The NYC eTax Search is a "real time" tax product identifying all unpaid taxes and charges for a specific property. The search lists the current year's real estate taxes and the status (paid/open); current real estate tax exemptions; NYC Department of Environmental Protection water/sewer frontage charges and meter charges with payment status (paid/open); current and previous year's property assessed valuations; recorded tax payer; exemptions with a base tax calculation and the miscellaneous items defined here. The search is limited to information reported at the NYC Department of Finance and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection against a specific county, block and lot.

Recording Tracker

(All 62 New York State Counties)


An on-demand spreadsheet showing a chronological record of documents submitted to AIS for recording. The Recording Tracker provides details regarding the status of submitted documents whether pending, rejected or recorded.


Property Search

(All 62 New York State Counties)

This is a comprehensive database of real property in all 62 New York State counties. It provides instant access to basic property information including, but not limited to:

  • House Number, Street Name
  • County, Parcel ID
  • Assessed Valuation Land / Total
  • Number of Buildings on the Lot
  • Height of Building (Number of Stories)
  • Year Built (Approximation)
  • Tax Classification
  • Taxpayer
  • Exemption(s) Affecting the Property

Mortgage and Deed System

(All 5 New York City Boroughs)


The Mortgage and Deed database includes all 5 boroughs of NYC. The data for Bronx, Kings, Manhattan and Queens dates back to January 1982, and the data for Richmond dates back to 1986. Updated daily, the database includes instruments recorded in the City of New York Registers' Offices.


Judgments and Liens

(All 5 New York City Boroughs)

Access to filing information for judgments and liens filed in the NYC County Clerks' offices. Searching by name, block and lot, and/or address alerts you to open and satisfied items. Copies of judgments and liens are available upon request.

Block & Lot Searches will return:

  • Building Loans
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Liens (Lis Pendens, Mechanic's & Sidewalk)
  • Uniform Commercial Code

Name Searches will Return:

  • Judgments
  • Environmental Control Board Judgments
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Parking Violation Bureau Judgments
  • Transit Adjudication Bureau Judgments
  • Uniform Commercial Code

Address Searches will return:

  • Environmental Control Board Judgments
  • Emergency Repairs


(All 5 New York City Boroughs)


A direct link to the NYC Department of Finance (DOF) property records for a specific block, lot and county. NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) water and sewer charges can be searched by account number or by a specific block, lot and county. This system will provide fast retrieval of:

  • Tax Bills - DOF
  • Tax Histories - DOF Water
  • Account Bills - DEP
  • Water Account Histories - DEP


Recorded Documents

(All 5 New York City Boroughs and Other Select New York State Counties/States)

Get instant access to images of instruments recorded at the NYC Registers' offices. Copies of NYS UCC filings are available from March 2007 to date. With filing information, copies of recorded instruments can also be obtained for additional NYS counties and for select counties of various other states.

Bankruptcy / Patriot System

(Eastern and Southern Districts)


A search of the United States Bankruptcy Court Records and the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List. Bankruptcy filings are from January 1, 1998 to the present date.